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Reel 62-42a, Sides A and B
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[Informants]: S31,36,37,38 [ID#s the same].[Some recordings lost through double recording: see FN]
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Field Notes
Moroccan Field Notes, Book III
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9/5/1962 - 9/24/1962
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Alcazarquivir, Arcila, Tangier, Tetuán
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Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-1 MFN III, 6. Virgilios
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-2 MFN III, 6. Delgadina
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-3 MFN III, 6. Delgadina. [tiene tonada española]
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-4 MFN III, 6v. Delgadina
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-5 MFN III, 6v. Tamar y Amnón (peninsular) Tarquilo
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-6 MFN III, 6v. Estando la niña poniendo corbatas... (peninsular) "Robo de Elena" a la mitad.
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-7 MFN III, 7. ¿Dónde vas Alfonso XII?
Details 62-42b BALLAD S 62-42b-8 MFN III, 7v. Hermana reina y cautiva.
Details 62-42a BALLAD S 62-42a-1 MFN III, 5. Hermanas reina y cautiva (í-a) MP48.
Details 62-42a BALLAD S 62-42a-2 MFN III, 5. Juicio de Salomón MP39
Details 62-42a BALLAD S 62-42a-3 MFN III, 5. Sufrir callando MP71 Larrea, no. 97-99
Details 62-42a BALLAD S 62-42a-4 MFN III, 5. Blancaniña / Adúltera (ó) MP78. Larrea, no.108-113
Details 62-42a LYRICSONG S 62-42a-5 MFN III, 5v. El piojo y la pulga se quieren casar... (de Larache)
Details 62-42a LYRICSONG S 62-42a-6 MFN III, 5v. Don Gato (versión hebrea)
Details 62-42a LYRICSONG S 62-42a-7 MFN III, 5v. Don Gato (versión andaluza de la escuela)