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Simi Saragá de Bensalmón
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Tangier, MOROCCO
Place of Origin:
Alcazarquivir, MOROCCO
Info. in Field Notes:
09/16/1962, age 40 ±; moved from Alcazarquivir in 1936; MFN II, 14 & MFN III, 26
Age at Recording:
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Details Reel 22, Side A re22a 8/28/1962 - 9/17/1962 Romances y canciones de boda FN 1, 56: "Moise Macías (cantares de Shabat) Vid book II, p. 13a" [= FN 2, 13]; most songs here are not in Spanish Tetuán, Casablanca, Tangi