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Armistead, Samuel G., with the collaboration of Selma Margaretten, Paloma Montero, and Ana Valenciano and with musical transcriptions edited by Israel J. Katz. El romancero judeo-español en el Archivo Menéndez Pidal (Catálogo-índice de romances y canciones ) 3 vols. Madrid: Catedra-Seminario Menéndez Pidal, 1977, 387; 393; 358 pp.


Menéndez Pidal, Ramón. "Catálogo del romancero judío-español," Cultura Española, 4 (1906), 1045–1077; 5 (1907), 161–199.

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Details 58re35-2 BALLAD S 58re35-2-1
Details 58re35-2 BALLAD S 58re35-2-2
Details 58re35-2 BALLAD S 58re35-2-3
Details 58re35-1 BALLAD S 58re35-1-1 Modern song that orginally came to Istanbul on phonograph recordings. Early 20th century.
Details 58re35-1 LYRICSONG S 58re35-1-2 Old lyric song; traditional Sephardic song.
Details 58re35-1 LYRICSONG S 58re35-1-3 Origin unknown. SGA guesses it is a modern song.
Details 58re35-1 BALLAD S 58re35-1-4 Modern song.