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[unknown] [unknown]
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Casablanca, MOROCCO
Place of Origin:
Info. in Field Notes:
not named; FN2, p. 11 first mentioned; p. 11v: noted "S28 20 yrs"
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details reel15a BALLAD S reel15a-11 Mujer engañada (51) song continues on reel15b-1: transcription ID 1007
Details reel15b BALLAD S reel15b-1 Mujer engañada (51) continued from reel15a-11 (transcription ID 1004)
Details reel15a BALLADSTORY S reel15a-12 transcription summarizes conversation
Details reel15a BALLADSTORY S reel15a-13 transcription summarizes conversation
Details re22a WEDDINGSONG S re22a-2 MFN II, 13v. "Dice la nuestra novia"
Details reel15b BALLADSTORY S reel15b-8 not clear which informant
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 15, Side B reel15b 8/13/1962 - 8/28/1962 8/13 (Tetuán): Inf. ID #9; 8/28 (Casablanca): Inf. ID #s 24, 27 & 28 Tetuán/Casablanca