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conversación. la inf. traduce un texto al inglés (probablemente del griego) inf1 Two kings are fighting, struggling about the marriage they want to make, the relatives. Marriage they wish to make. This is from one corner of the world to the other. Samuel G. Armistead [] inf1 As far as you can go. Three years they write. Samuel G. Armistead ... letters. inf1 To the answers. Requesting the answers. Samuel G. Armistead Yeah. They are arranging the dowry. inf1 Five months for the ... O.K. They're arranging the dowry, I guess. And it will be in five months. They wrote... [ se corrige ] It was written down that she would never work. Samuel G. Armistead [] inf1 She would never work. The bride, rather, the one who is being spoken of in the letters, it is really what they say, is to sit on a gold chair. To play a red apple? Samuel G. Armistead To take. Is not [ word ], isn't it? \ corte de cinta conversación inf1 To play with a little red apple. "Kidone", to play a beautiful "kidone." "Kidone, kidone, kidone ..." . Samuel G. Armistead That's alright. cortes de cinta conversación inf1 Time, time brought many evil things to them. Samuel G. Armistead Right, right, right. inf1 Our husband falls down, goes down, in life. And she sews for other people. She takes some sewing. Samuel G. Armistead A shepard? inf1 Right, right, he becomes a ... Alright, he bec ... [ se corrige ] goes, the husband goes to the profession of being a shepherd and the girl sews for other people. Samuel G. Armistead Yeah, yeah. inf1 Right. [ corte de cinta ] The mother-in-law? Samuel G. Armistead It could be. fin de cinta resumen: Es la historia de dos reyes, que están organizando la boda de dos de sus familiares. Los dos reyes viven en partes opuestas del mundo. Durante tres años se comunican a través de cartas para arreglar las bodas. Discuten la dote y acuerdan que la mujer nunca deberá trabajar y que se sentará en una silla de oro. Con el tiempo, la situación del marido se vuelve mala. Ella tiene que coser para otros y él se hace pastor.

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Name ▼ Abbreviation in Field Notes Place of Residence Place of Origin Information In Field Notes Age at Recording
Details Simi Salama S27 Casablanca, MOROCCO Alcazarquivir-Larache, MOROCCO Su abuela era de Tetuán; all texts learned from oinadenas (?) de Larache. 50+/- Aug. 1962. FN 2, 7v Born in Alcazar, at age 17 went to live in Larache. Had lived in Casablanca for 2-3 years when recorded (1962). 50
Details [unknown] [unknown] S28 Casablanca, MOROCCO not named; FN2, p. 11 first mentioned; p. 11v: noted "S28 20 yrs" 20
Details Dora Ayach de Bergel S25 Casablanca, MOROCCO Larache?, MOROCCO has lived in Casablanca 14 yrs. (1962); sister of Esther Ayach de Benniflah and Estrella Ayach 60
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Reel 15, Side A
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8/13/1962 - 8/28/1962
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[Note: 8/13:Tetuán; Inf. ID #9; 8/28:Casablanca]: Inf. ID #s 24, 27 & 28
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Field Notes: continue on 2, p. 10v
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