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refranes. inf1 inf1 Agua que no has de bebe[r], déshala correr. inf1 A la comida de la vezzina no eches sal. inf1 Más [ se corrige ] Por más godra que sea la gayina y ne tienes de menester de la vezzina. comentario inf1 You might need a little bit of salt, you see that's the explanation. refrán inf1 El mundo se manea, no cae. conversación Samuel G. Armistead ¿Qué quiere decir eso? inf1 Hmm, the world shakes but it doesn't fall! Samuel G. Armistead Hmm, hmm. ¿Eso qué quiere decir? Que la cosa no es tan seria ... inf1 Cuando ... No. Cuando ... inf2 Yeah, que la cosa no es tan seria ... inf1 Yes. That's right, exactly! refrán inf1 Cuanto más escura está la nochada, más presto amanese. conversación inf1 That means the same thing. ¡El mundo no se mane ...! inf2 No, it means that eh ... Samuel G. Armistead "Cuanto, cuanto más escure ..." inf1 "... escura está la nochada, mas presto amanese". Like somebody's got such a such a problem, in the morning everything gets all right! And then, that was another thing I had it in the tip of my tongue now. Samuel G. Armistead Eso de la gallina, ¿no? de ... inf1 What? ¿Quieres que diga otra vez? Samuel G. Armistead Sí. inf1 "Por mucho godra que ..." Samuel G. Armistead No, no, lo del hmm, los granos. "Grano a grano ..." inf1 ¡Ah! refrán inf1 Grano a grano, hincha la gayina [e]l papo. conversación inf1 Ehhh, I had a few right. inf2 Is that all Spanish? inf1 Yeah! refrán inf1 Ni se come todo lo del plato, ni se dizze todo lo del papo. conversación inf1 Quiere dezzir, then you ... somebody invite you, you shouldn't take. You shouldn't eat the whole, the last drop to show that you never taste and never eated, you're starving. Or when you have an argument with somebody, you shouldn't say everything you got in your chest, because later you'll be sorry. Samuel G. Armistead Está bien. inf1 [E]stá bien. I just couldn't figure ... corte de cinta refrán inf1 Quien duerme [ phrase ] . conversación inf1 I know many, I can't remember just them this minute! Samuel G. Armistead That's alright! refrán inf1 Todos los ríos ... comentario inf1 Don't you know what "ríos" is? refrán inf1 ... a la mar vaden. conversación inf1 All the ... the little rivers, they all go to the sea. Samuel G. Armistead ¿Ah, sí? inf2 Alright, then what's the meaning behind this? Samuel G. Armistead ¿Qué quiere decir eso? inf1 The meaning is this: like somebody, ehs, knows how to sew in the family, everybody keeps on giving her trouble because she know how to sew. She can't say no. This one, that one, there all come to her. That's what it means. Samuel G. Armistead Hmm, Hmm. refrán inf1 Onde va la gruya con su buena ventura. conversación inf1 They say the same thing. Samuel G. Armistead ¿Qué es la gruya? inf1 "Gruya" is a crane. Crane is the one that stays with the bird with one foot. ¿Cómo se dizze? Samuel G. Armistead Yeah! Eso es, la gruya. inf1 Gruya. They say: refrán inf1 Onde va la gruya con su buena ventura. comentario inf1 Eh, the whatever they goes, that means the same thing. refrán inf1 Todos los ríos a la mar vaden. inf1 En la casa del rey, bien parese una bogacha. conversación Samuel G. Armistead ¿Qué es una bogacha? inf1 "Bogacha", it means like eh, like a pie. Like eh, a rich fellow he's got everything, he doesn't need nothing. When somebody think of him, bakes him a little pie and, and send them, he so appreciate it. He got everything, but he still. y todo ... inf2 But he still [ word ] that a little pie. inf1 Yeah. Samuel G. Armistead Mhh. refrán inf1 En la casa del rey bien parese una bogacha. conversación inf1 Uh, how can I remember? I don't know. I remember so many. corte de cinta

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Name ▼ Abbreviation in Field Notes Place of Residence Place of Origin Information In Field Notes Age at Recording
Details Regina [Mrs.] Emanuel Burbank, CA, USA Salonika, GREECE 70± (2/4/1958); EFN I, 87 70
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Reel 58-36
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Regina Emanuel. Salonika (Refranes)
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Feedback (hum) mars quality of first part of tape; rest is better quality. Side B is blank.
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