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Rosa (Bulisa, Buliza) Franco
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Seattle, USA
Place of Origin:
Rhodes, GREECE
Info. in Field Notes:
arr. U.S. 1911; age 7? (8/25/58); EFN II, 63-65; tapes 58re38a, 58re39a
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details 58re39a BALLAD S 58re39a-1 EFN II, 65. Landarico (frag. final)
Details 58re39a BALLAD S 58re39a-2 EFN II, 65. Doncella guerrrera
Details 58re39a BALLAD S 58re39a-3 EFN II, 65. Don Bueso y su hermana
Details 58re39a BALLAD S 58re39a-4 EFN II, 65. "Una ramica de ruda"
Details 58re39a BALLAD S 58re39a-5 EFN II, 65. "En la siudad de Marsella"
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-1 Arvolero
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-2 De la djuma sale el moro
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-3 Tres palombas
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-4 Sien donzeyas; short but good
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-5 Si pasea pastor fiel
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-6 Dina
Details 58re38a BALLAD S 58re38a-7 Kuando el rei ya madrugua; Landarico
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 58-38 58re38a 8/25/1958 Rosa Franco I. Rhodes Side B is blank Rhodes