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Luna Benaim
Abbr. in Field Notes:
Place of Residence:
Tangier, MOROCCO
Place of Origin:
Tangier, MOROCCO
Info. in Field Notes:
09/17/1962, age 80; learned from her mother; MFN III, 27
Age at Recording:
Audio Filename ▼ Type Permission Transcription Filename Notes
Details ta53a BALLAD S ta53a-1 (93) Culebro raptor continuación de ta52b-5
Details ta53a BALLAD S ta53a-5 (95) Conde Niño / Conde Olinos
Details ta53b BALLAD S ta53b-2 (40) Infanta parida
Details ta53b BALLAD S ta53b-3 Muerte de duque de Gandía (48)
Details ta54a BALLAD S ta54a-2 Virgilios (75) / Verdjico
Details ta56a BALLAD S ta56a-1 (53) Juan Lorenzo + ( 137) Mujer del pastor + (109) Isabel de Liar continuación de ta55b-4
Details ta56a BALLAD S ta56a-2 (136) Mujer de Arnaldos / Mala suegra castigada
Details ta56a BALLAD S ta56a-3 (95) Conde Niño + (37) Gerineldo + (187) Boda estorbada
Details ta52b BALLAD S ta52b-2 ¿Por qué no cantáis, la bella? (97)
Details ta52b BALLAD S ta52b-5 (93) Culebro raptor continúa en ta53a-1
Details ta55b BALLAD S ta55b-2 (51) Mujer engañada
Details ta55b BALLAD S ta55b-4 (53) Juan Lorenzo + ( 137) Mujer del pastor + (109) Isabel de Liar continúa en ta56a-1
Box Name ▼ Audio Filename Recording Dates Comments on Box Comments about Audio Place
Details Reel 22, Side B re22b 8/20/1962 - 9/17/1962 Romances y Canciones de Boda (4 different dates) FN 1, 56: "Moise Macías (cantares de Shabat) Vid book II, p. 13a" [= FN 2, 13] Side B marred by loud construction noises in the background Tetuán, Casablanca, Tangi